How To Stop Smoking Is As Little As 60 Minutes!

Thousands of Edinburgh people are tired of smoking and want to stop. Some turn to hypnotherapy as a painless way to eliminate their tobacco habit. Because it works with the sub-conscious mind, it can cut-out the cigarette cravings (which are subconscious, anyway) and allow you to stay smoke-free.

How Hypnosis Helps Edinburgh Smokers To Stop

Smoking is a habit, rather than an addiction. Because of this, how you feel about cigarettes and tobacco is based on how you habitually think about them. If you change your thinking patterns, you'll find you stop thinking about cigarettes and the desire to smoke goes away.

And, unlike other smoking cessation methods - nicotine patches, gum, "cold turkey" will power - when you stop you don't get the side effects of weight gain, feeling grouchy or becoming so anti-smoking that you can't be around your smoker friends.

One word of warning: although you don't need will-power to give up, you do need willingness. Hypnotherapists often find that, if the client is only trying to quit smoking because he or she has been nagged into quitting, the sessions often fail to produce lasting results.

This isn't a fault with the therapy or the therapist, nor is it a sign that smoking is an "unbreakable addition". Instead, it's evidence that hypnosis can't make you do something against your will.

However, if you are keen to stop smoking, you can find help in Edinburgh.

Getting Help Stopping Smoking In Edinburgh

If you're ready to say goodbye to cigarettes forever - and you'd like to quit painlessly, easily and effectively - why not give hypnotheapy a try?

There are a number of hypnotherapists who specialise in helping people stop smoking. In Edinburgh, try Healthwise Hypnosis in York Place, 0800 298 2702.